living wall
by Åsmund Gamlesæter and Alexander Berman

contact: livingwall[at]

Living Wall is an ambient installation collecting, recomposing and playing sonic memories. The computational processes that take place are displayed on four architectural scale LED matrices with a total number of 3000 white superflux LEDs.

The installation has microphones recording fragments of human interaction. Each new recorded fragment is analysed using an adaptive sound categorization technique, determining its relation to previously stored clips.

Based on this analysis, a network of sound clips is constructed by the installation in real time. The network of recorded clips is constantly reorganized as new fragments are recorded and connections between previously stored clips are elaborated. The goal of the self-organization is to maintain a topology where fragments with similar perceptual qualities are grouped in clusters and dissimilar clips are separated from each other. As time goes by the network evolves into a rich mass of information with complex interconnections.

Recomposed sequences of sound are played back into the space by walking through the network of sonic memories. The sounds are distributed into the space based on a mapping from the network position to a position in the room. We regard this behaviour as being parallel to the behaviour of how we associate ideas.

Living Wall is a permanent installation at Studentersamfundet in Trondheim, Norway, made specifically for UKA-05. The work was partly conceived in the studios of PROJEKT0047 in Berlin. Research, technological development and physical production was done in Trondheim with help from the Department of Computer and Information Science at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and at the Art & Technology program at the IT University of Göteborg.

Living Wall is the first installation in a series of pieces. Please read about the second work in this series RED Screen.

January, 2005: Living Wall presented at Dorkbot-budapest at Dinamo.

October 22, 2005: Åsmund Gamlesæter and Alexander Berman speaks about Living Wall at Trondheim Matchmaking, festival for electronics art and new technology.

October 19-22, 2005: Living Wall is presented at Technoport - arena for high- and new technology.

October 8, 2005: The installation is officially opened at 5pm at Bodegaen, Studentersamfundet in Trondheim.

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Video clips
recorded in the room:

Memory map

Sound analysis





architectural drawings:

Exhibit space

the memory:

9 sound clips

50 sound clips

100 sound clips

150 sound clips

200 sound clips

250 sound clips




The project is supported by:

Thanks: Professor Letizia Jaccheri, Associate Professor Pauline Haddow, Postdoctor Gunnar Tufte, Associate Professor Are Øyasæter, Per Anda, Berge Schwebs Bjørlo, Finn Magnus Rasmussen, Magnus Andersen, Marius Grannæs, Guttorm Aase, Olav Gulling, Terje Øfsdahl, Pasi Aalto and Christoffer Imislund.

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